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... And Does Tricks

... Ja Teeb Trikke

Year: 1979 Genre: Length: 10 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Priit Pärn Type: Short, Animation Status: Completed Company: Tallinnfilm

A story of the Green Bear, master of tricks, who has to endure a bunch of failures, before his craft becomes fully appreciated by the other animals. Read more »

14 Cases

14 käänet

Year: 2017 Genre: Social Issues Length: 83 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Marianna Kaat Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Baltic Film Production

Filmed over three years, 14 Cases follows Estonian Russians of various ages who are struggling with their identities but desperately wish to be integrated into the modern society. Russian-speaking families in a decision-making period. Read more »



Year: 1995 Genre: Length: 29 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Priit Pärn Type: Animation Status: Completed Company: Eesti Joonisfilm

"1895" is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of film. An animation about the lives of August and Louis Lumiere. Read more »



Year: 2015 Genre: Historical Drama, War Drama Length: 100 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Elmo Nüganen Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Matila Röhr Productions, Taska Film

On Estonian turf, during the last year of World War II, men are fighting on the border between Europe and Russia. Some fight for the Red Army, some for the Waffen SS. On the Eastern Front, two Estonian soldiers must choose a side and fight against their countrymen. Read more »

40+2 Weeks

40+2 nädalat

Year: 2012 Genre: Human interest Length: 56 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Margit Lillak Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Allfilm

How to give birth? Under water or on the dry land? In the hospital or at home? Standing up or lying down? Will routine or free will ultimately come out on top? Read more »

511 Best photographs of Mars

511 paremat fotot Marsist

Year: 2009 Genre: Length: Country:
Director: Andres Sööt Type: Status: Completed Company:

The film introduces a selection of various guest types in cafes and night clubs in late 1960s when old ladies still had some bourgeois manners from the first republic of Estonia and the youngsters of the Soviet regime were not served in a restaurant if they had no proper clothing. The guests of Tallinn's legendary cafes "Pearl" and "Moscow" were filmed in their own time. The uniqueness of the film is expressed through a strangely independent soundtrack that observes everyday bustle from the heights of melancholy poetry and remote uranography. Artur Alliksaar's poetry is read by Aarne Üksküla. Read more »

91 st Kilometer

91. kilomeeter

Year: 2010 Genre: Documentary Length: 56 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Liina Paakspuu Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Traumfabrik

A chronicle of Estonia in the year 2009. The basis of the film is a parallel drawn between the age of the Republic of Estonia on one hand and places at a certain distance from the capital of the country on the other: 91 years = 91 kilometres. The film looks at families who live and attempt to get by, living 91 kilometres from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Read more »

A Chinese Fox

Libarebased ja kooljad

Year: 1998 Genre: Length: 44 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Type: Status: Completed Company:

Based on the Chinese stories written about fox-spirits by Pu Song-ling, from a collection known as 'Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio' or 'Laozhai zhiyi' made in the late 17th century. Read more »

A Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts

Briljantsuse demonstratsioon neljas vaatuses

Year: 2019 Genre: Length: 15 minutes Country:
Director: Lucija Mrzljak, Morten Tshinakov Type: Status: Completed Company:

The people are waiting for someone special. Someone special is born – a grown-up man in a suit. They follow the man and cheer for his theatrical but utterly pointless performances. In the middle of one performance he makes a mistake and the people who have so far adored him, leave. Left alone, he meets a woman who is made for him. The theatrical performances continue… Read more »

A Friend of Mine

Üks minu sõber

Year: 2011 Genre: Drama Length: 90 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Mart Kivastik Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Exitfilm

Mati is a passionate bibliophile who works for his hobby - he´s got a job at the library. The little rest of his time he shares with his sweet wife. Then one sudden day brings the death to his spouse. A whole life of stability crashes. Nor his adolescent daughter or dear books are of any help. Loneliness and indifference overrun his life and Mati plots a suicide. A strange wayfarer Sass, who travels with a backpack of books and frequents public libraries to read the newspapers, brings forth a change. Bit by bit he starts to provide Mati with the interest for life again. Read more »


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